Facundo de Zuviría

Buenos Aires, Argentina| b.1954



Photographer, Zuviría has represented Argentina in several international biennials including Buenos Aires (2000-2002), Mercosur (2000), and San Pablo (1991). He has been awarded with distinctions and received many accolades, such as the First award in the National Salon from Visual Arts, Buenos Aires (2012), The Konex Award (1992-2012), and a Leonardo Career Achievement Award at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. He has published numerous books and photo books such as Paraná ra’angá (2013), Buenos Aires: Coppola + Zuviría (2006), Siesta Argentina (2003), Estampas Porteñas (1996). His work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, United States, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, among others. Nowadays, his work is part of important national and international collections such as: Fondation Cartier (Paris), Fondation Hermes (Paris), Fondation A. Stitching (Bruxelles), National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires – MNBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires – MALBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), HALLE Collection (Arizona, United States) and Bibliothèque Nationale de France, among others. He lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.