Marcelo Brodsky

Buenos Aires, Argentina| b.1954



Born in 1954 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Visual artist and photographer. Brodsky has represented Argentina in several international biennials such as San

Pablo (2010), Valencia (2007), Rotterdam (2000), Photo Spain (1999), among others. He has been awarded with

distinctions and received many accolades, such as The Human Rights Award by Bnai Brith Organization (2003),

Salón Nacional de las Artes Award Buenos Aires, Argentina (2000). He has published numerous books such as

Tree Time (2013); Visual Correspondences (2009); Correspondences Pablo Ortiz Monasterio – Marcelo Brodsky

(2008); Correspondences Martin Parr – Marcelo Brodsky (2008); Good Memory (2006); Vislumbres (2005); The

soul of the Buildings with Horst Hoheisel, Andreas Knitz and Fulvia Molina (2004); Buena Memoria (2003);

Memory Works (2003); Nexo (2001); Buena Memoria (2000); Palabras (1986); Parábola (1982), among others. He

has been featured in important leading national and internationals publications. His work has been shown in

numerous solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, United

States, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, among others. Nowadays, his work is part of important national and

international collections such as National Museum of Fine Arts – MNBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Modern Art

Museum of Buenos Aires – MAMBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris, France), The Centre

for Creative Photography, University of Arizona Foundation and ASU Art Museum (Arizona, United States),

Sprengel Museum Hannover (Germany), Museo de Arte de las Américas, OEA, (Washington DC, United States);

Contemporary art collection from Salamanca’s University (Spain), Pinacoteca from San Pablo (Brazil), University of

Essex Collection of Latin American Art (United Kingdom), TATE Collection (London, United Kingdom), among