Silvia Rivas

Buenos Aires, Argentina| b. 1957



Born in 1957, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In her work and more particularly visible in her installations, the artist refers about the becoming and the different perceptions and ways in which we have related in our connection with the lapsed. It is often spoken that now times passes by faster than before, or at least, that is how we often feel it in the present and yet, certain spaces attract and trap us because, apparently, time passes or goes by slower there. This thematic is repeated and becomes present in her artistic productions with varied poetics in an always limpid and effective way, with sophisticated and strong images that have become identificatory of her artistic discourse.

She has represented Argentina in various international biennials including Mercosur (Porto Alegre in 2000 and 2005) and Havana (2003), among others. She has won numerous awards and accolades, such as the Diploma to the Merit by the Konex Foundation (2002-2012), the Leonardo Award by the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Award for Visual Arts by the Argentina Association of Art Critics (2002), among others. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in several countries such as Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland. Her work is part of leading national and international public and private collections.

She lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.