Marcos López | 21.03.2018 - 31.05.2018

Press release

In-Continente | Marcos López

ROLF ART is pleased to announce the opening of the individual exhibition of Marcos López, titled “In-Continente” ( In – Contient), the upcoming wednesday, March 21st, starting at 7pm, at Esmeralda 1353, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The exhibition admission free can be visited from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 8 pm until Friday, May 31, 2018.

In-Continente proposes an archeology of the artist and his work. Making reference to his mythical phrase: “more is more”, and ofering a re visit to his iconic piece Suite Bolivariana, alongside a sort of baroque cramming, gathering together from his early works in black and white, to his renowned color photographs, collages, drawings and note- books, López gives an account of his so characteristic Latin pop -concept that he himself has established, regarding Pop Art- emphasizing globalization convergences in the Latin American and local scene.

Bolivariana Suite, created in 2009, is the result of the artist’s research on Mexican muralism in relation to political art, ins- pired by Diego Rivera as a post-digital Latin American neo-muralism statement. The large-format photography appro- priates the three-dimensionality of space and adopts a caricatural tone, as a stereotype of the Latin American idiosyn- crasy and its protagonists. In this re-reading and encounter with the work, López updates characters and objects allusive to the current situation of the country.

Expanding the gesture, making an appropriation of the space, the second salon brings together almost fifty works, both classic and unpublished pieces from different periods, formats and techniques: from his black and white and color photographs, drawings, posters and intervened photos; realizing the creative and visual power of Marcos López, of his uncontainable excess.

“I add Creole sub-realism to the Latin pop and to the baroque Churrigueresque from Cuzco I add the sub-tropical pampas digital neo-baroque style… Revealing the syncretism inviting Andy Warhol to dialogue with the Pachamama “ Marcos López.